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These are examples of our modular equipment. These pieces are built from customer design specs and are built to last. A customer indicates what pieces of equipment the assembly needs to hold and any other constraints for the finished piece (height, length, weight, etc). KC Metal Works then custom designs a modular piece of equipment to meet their needs. The design is refined until all design specifications are met. Each piece is constructed of strong square steel tubing and all joints are welded for strength and durability. Rubber casters are standard for this type of equipment, but pneumatic tires are always available.

If you don't see what you are looking for, please fill out our information request form and let us know. We will get back with you and would be glad to help!

Triple Instrument Carrier This is an example of the modular design of KC Metal Works products. The layout was constructed after the customers indicated what they wanted it to hold. From there, the entire assembly was fabricated to meet their standards. The chime stand includes a felt guard to protect the chimes in the rack. This assembly includes optional components such as the rotating bass drum mount and pneumatic wheels.
Bass Drum and Gong Carrier This combination bass and gong stand is constructed of high strength square steel tubing. Optional pneumatic wheels allow the assembly to traverse even the roughest terrain as well as aiding in stability. Dimensions for the gong and bass drum are flexible, and different instrument combinations are possible. Let your imagination run wild!
Bass and Tom Assembly This bass and tom assembly is ready for the marching field. It is composed of a sturdy frame made of rigid steel square tubing that is welded for durability. The model shown includes rubber casters, but pneumatic tires are available.
Cymbal and Block Assembly This mobile crash cymbal and block assembly is excellent for the marching field. By placing these (or other like instruments) on a mobile assembly, the cymbals can be moved to a different place in the pit without having to unmount and remount them...simply roll them wherever you need them! As always, pneumatic tires are available in place of the standard rubber casters

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