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These are examples from our single piece equipment category. Everything you see was custom built, there are no predetermined measurements or templates. All pieces shown are constructed of rigid steel tubing and all joints are welded for stability and durability...no pins or clamps. Rubber casters are standard on all our equipment, but pneumatic wheels are always available.

If you have something in mind but don't see it here, please fill out our information request form and let us know what you need. We would be glad to help you!

General Mover This is definitely one of our more popular items. It is a custom built equipment mover. It's design dimensions are totally flexible. Let us know what piece of equipment you need it for and we will build a mover precisely to your specifications. It can be built to accommodate any size piece ranging from a bell set to a grand marimba. This mover totally replaces the current legs and wheels on your current piece of equipment, and the mover attaches directly to your equipment...no more slipping and sliding. Rubber casters of pneumatic tires are available.
Xylophone Down
Xylophone Up
This is a mobile xylophone rack that totally replaces the existing support assembly. The main advantage of this rack is its ability to fold up to allow for more efficient storage. Keyguards are highly recommended when transporting in the upright position. This assembly is constructed of strong steel tubing and has a set of fixed pneumatic wheels on the back and directional rubber casters on the front. The model shown has an optional crash cymbal mounting.
Gong Stand This mobile gong stand is designed to your specifications. It can be built for any size gong and for any height. The stand is constructed of steel tubing and has rubber casters.
Chime Stand This mobile chime stand comes complete with felted chime guides to protect your chimes from unnecessary and unwanted movement. It can be designed to accommodate any number of chimes, depending on your needs. The chime comes with rubber casters, but optional pneumatic wheels are available for an additional charge.
Musical Cylinders This custom set of musical cylinders can compliment any musical show! These steel cylinders are mounted on a strong steel frame with heavy-duty rubber casters. Due to the overall weight, the height of this assembly is fixed, but other parameters are still flexible!
Bell Hanger This is a rather unique item, but is very handy when it is needed. This is designed to hold a single, large bell (something like the "Liberty Bell") for marching field use. It is made of steel square tubing with a heavy duty square tube base for stability.

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